Разликата между FCE (Federation of Cynology for Europe) и  FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale):

De : Gencho Bonev [genchobonev @abv.bg]

Envoyé : lundi 17 avril 2017 13:34

À : Yves

Objet : Info About FCE Organisation

Dear FCI organisation,

My name is Gencho Bonev.

I would like to ask you about an organisation named FCE ( http://www.fce-fce.com , http://www.bg.fce-fce.com )

They claim that they can issue an international certificate for every dog, no matter if it is from a FCI recommended pedigree or not but their certificates will be vallid for every FCI exhibition.

I would like to ask you if their exhibitions are really reliable or this is just another organisation that was organized just to take the money from the people, who believes in them rights?

I'm a bit affraid, because some of their members, proposing puppy's from a kennels which are not mentioned in FCI but they have certificates from FCE.

Kind Regards,

Gencho Bonev

---- Прикрепено писмо (RE:Info About FCE Organisation) ----

Подател: <declercq.y @fci.be>

До: <genchobonev @abv.bg>

Относно: RE:Info About FCE Organisation

Дата: 17.04.2017 15:07

Dear Sir

FCE is a member of the Allianz, an international Federation of kennel clubs.  We cannot give you more  information about them as we do  not recognise their activities, titles and pedigrees.

We simply inform you that the former name of Allianz was Federacion Canina Internacional.  They used a logo quite similar to ours in order to deceive people and create confusion between our FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and them.  They were condemned to change their name and logo.  Our FCI was created 116 years ago and groups 92 members around the world.

Trusting that the answer will clarify our status.

Yours sincerely

Y.De Clercq

FCI Executive Director